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Actually one of the reason for why I like to write a lot is because; I do think that my ideas and emotions can be convey clearly through writing compared to verbal or oral expression.
This might be true and might be not.

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And this leads me to another question about principle.
What is the principle the we hold onto, so that we not gonna fall in the future?
Are we still believe this life as the way it is when what we perceived as truth is not a truth anymore.

So called life has so many chapters and factors that affect it as a whole.

Let me give you an example:

I'm someone who believe that working hard is the key to success
Then, suddenly I realized that my roommate always watching movies and playing videos games.
I never saw him study or touch a book; more than an hour.

Lastly, he got better result compared to mine.

If you're in that kind of situation- What would you do?
Do you still believe that working hard is the key to success?

When your friend who is working- less still able to achieve his goal?

Yup! It happens to me a lot.
What we read in a book, never gonna be the same as what we experience in the real life.
There's always one or two things that are not exactly the same.

As time goes by, we learn one new lesson whether...
1) Try to be flexible in life
2) Stick with the same principle because there's always 'special cases'

This's why we have too many ideologies in this world, ranging from communism, capitalism for economy; Confucianism, Taoism, Protestent, syia', Sunni for religion and as far as monotheism or polytheism to describe the existence of god!

If we think this thoroughly, we'll be crazy....
It's because they're no equal between one another.

Till many of them use up the quotation:
' Nothing is wrong in this world- it is a matter of perspective'

Quite truth somehow but what will happen then?
If everyone really believe to "Nothing is wrong but perspective is right"?
Not everyone has the same definition of what is right....

I'm still searching for the answer.
But on the time being, I believe this's why God has guided us with His manual which are..

1) Al Quran/ Holy Quran
2) Sunnah & Hadith (Guidance from our prophet- Muhammad pbuh)

It doesn't matter in what you believe in..
But what's matter is you have the belief..

Because someone who has no principle gonna be blown away by the wave of ideology....
To somewhere he never ever imagined.
But he, himself not wanted to be there...
From the very 1st place.

Last week, I was caught in depression without any clear reasons.
I easily got annoyed almost to every single things that happen to the surrounding, although it was a simple matter.

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Circadian Cycle Also Affecting Our Flip- Flopping Hormones Level

I keep wondering 'why?'; and asking myself again and again.
Till I read this wonderful article:

Cited from The Star ( 2016 December 12th): 5 common causes of depression.

.. Insomnia- triggered depression ( My summary):

Many mental health professional are unsure whether the lack of sleep is the cause of depression or vice versa. But WebMD states that people with insomnia are three times likely to suffer depression than those with normal sleep pattern.
Yeah! This verse answered all of my questions.
I never imagined that by waking up as early as 05:30 a.m will affect my mood in the long run.
Maybe I should go to sleep more early so that my circadian rhythm will turn out normal again.

Hmm.. I have to admit that my sleep- waking pattern was disrupted lately due to my inefficiency in prioritizing what shall and what shan't I do in a day.

That's why they said: "You can learn everything; if you pay attention"
Yup. Indeed! I agree. 

Living in the hectic life and keep doing things without questioning may lead us to boredom and burn- out.
I think, that's what happening to me right now.

I was caught in a training of ROTU almost every weekend and didn't have an adequate time with myself.
I was caught in 'kejar- kejar' situation and somehow, it makes me loss my motivation and reason to move forward.

I didn't mean to say that by participate in ROTU, you'll lose a precious time at the weekend OR your life will be chaos.
It is me- Who was too busy to re- arranged my schedule and prioritize what is important.

I always think that I should keep my madness to myself- And now- I can't.
No More.

What Introvert Person Need The Most?

To be honest, I'm not an introvert kind. But, I (usually) like to be alone when I'm frustrated and suffocated with life and my surrounding. I try my very best to not tell anyone about what I afraid of nor what I really feel on something.

That's working but won't last long.

History teaches us that human is a social culture.
We've to communicate to express our feeling...
We've to release our anger, stress and frustration to someone we believe and (we know) can keep our secret.
It is okay to be seen as weak; by your best- friend.

But, so called best friend is hard to find.

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W. H Auden


Harini nak cerita berkenaan lawak.
Bukan lawak kampus ataupun Skool Of Lawak (Hahaa..ha); tapi lawak yg sedang bercambah dekat Malaysia sekarang.

Maklumlah ramai sangat nak jadi artis.

Manusia confuse yg mana benar dan mana yg salah kerana kedua- duanya mempunyai rupa yg sama:
(Hmm.. or should I say, tak proper- la ; sometimes berkait dengan etiquette sebenarnya..) 

Cuba tonton 2 video ni...
& buatlah perbandingan..

Mat Luthfi: Aku Nak Kahwin

Zukieee & Jamal Tetsu- Nak Kahwin Tak Cukup Hantaran?

Ya! Unsurnya sama- Lawak tapi bezanya adalah lawak hambar & lawak 'educated' atau orang panggil lawak berisi.
Dan nowadays, kita selalu sangat disuakan dengan lawak- lawak hambar sebegini sama ada dalam Vines, Super Spontan, MLM ataupun se simple We- Chat.
Kadang- kadang kita kesian dekat mereka sebab macam perbodohkan diri sendiri.


Walaupun keduanya membawa tema lawak; kita boleh klasifikasi kepada 3 bahagian/ jenis:

1. Clown: badut- Lawak mereka memang lawak tapi kosong dari segi isi dan hanya boleh buat kita ketawa sekali 2 saja. Then, kita rasa jengkil.., irritating (Macam cerita Mr. Bean)

2. Funny People- Macam Mat Luthfi ataupun Nabil ataupun Harith Iskandar- Lawak yg dibawa ada unsur mesej dan sarkastik.
Kita dapat mencerna maksud dan juga entertain at the very same time.

3. Budak vine; parody: Bukan nak kate, tapi kalau mempermainkan orang tu boleh dikira lawak ke?
Cuba orang permainkan kau.. 

        I.            Based on Anton Chekhov as one of the famous short- fiction writer in history had said that:

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"Knowledge Is Of No Value Unless You Put It Into Practise"

Assalamualaikum w.t.h & a very good morning I bid to all of you..

I dare to say- our course here, Science Geomatics  has a balance approached between the theory (class) & practical.
But, no one can deny that not all of the knowledge we learn or what have learnt (For example:- Additional Mathematics) are really relevant & applicable to be practiced at instance in the real life setting.
But, besides of this faculty, can you mention another course offered at UiTM that emphasise more on the practise?
I believe, there’re variety of answers &
… certainly neither opinion are wrong because it is upon your background & life experiences.
You have your own words for why you say so…
But personally to me..
      II.            The answer is Health Sciences course because they learn on how to prevent ones from illness & what to do when ones really ill PLUS the precaution to be take so the predicament didn’t happen again..

Which works like a loop of repeated cycle...

 From all of the branches of Health Sciences, physiotherapy is better off- compared to others.
1.       It is based on the fact that physiotherapy is a course of hand skills. Where they didn’t depend on modalities like what Radiographer always did.
For your information, the basic needs for them is knowledge of exercises & skills in manipulation technique like massage or stretching manoeuvre.

Yes! You may heard that they may use ‘some’ modalities or adjunct like ultrasound or infra- red radiation. But honestly speaking, that’s just optional.

Keep Calm! & Do Physio.. :

2.       Besides, physiotherapy always dealing with daily routine- related problems which most people nowadays frequently complained of:-
such as back pain, migraine, or cramp!
Which clearly beneficial even when ones doesn’t work as physiotherapy ‘as long as they master the skills & knowledge’

-          Applicable in anytime & anywhere-

Don't get it wrong guys! He's treating patient's with vestibular disorder.
With that, I hope this short but concise presentation may be an eye opener for all of us regarding to another course outside there.

I want to make it clear that I’m not insulting any faculty nor anyone but have a good intention at heart to share my view within this topic.

Thankz guys for listening.

Open up Q & A session:

1.       Q: So., you just tell us about this physio.. physiotherapy things.
What is the range of age they usually treat. I mean..
Yeah! Not all ages, right? How about children.
A: Ahaa.. Such a good thinking there. Thankz for asking.
Let me tells you.
The answer is all kind of ages, include the 90 years old even the day-1 of birth.
They’ll teach the carer (penjaga) instead.

2.       Q: Based on my knowledge, Health Sciences student usually work at the hospital when they’re employed. So, can you tell us another place that physio may exist.
A: Tq for question..
-          IJN, for cardiac cases
-          Physio centre for sure
-          ISN for sport
-          Gymnasium
-          Saloon
-          Rehabilitation centre
-          Locum (Upon patient or customer request).

3.       Q: Nice answer. So, what is the fee per service. Sorry. I mean, the charges impose for the Locum which is upon patient request for home- visit treatment.
A: It is worth it, though.
They can get at least RM50 per hour, or RM70, or RM 80 depends on qualification and experiences.
-          Even, they can gain some commission from the of 3rd party  company such as being an agent  of crutches (tongkat) for those who has fractured his leg.
Usually, the home visit is for the stroke patient.

4.       Q: If physio is better- off, why it is not famous like Dr. and nurse?
A: Logically, the greater the quantity, the greater the people know about it, isn’t?
I mean- Yeah! You just go to the hospital and ask your ‘pakcik’. Surely they’ll say that each and everyone who wears the white coat is a doctor.
So, at hospital- Mostly, they will know only the Mr. Doctor and Madam Nurse. For sure.
Physio, dietician who wear the same attires but different ID is recognize as doctor as well.
Honest speaking, mate.

5.       Q: What is the difference between Dr. & this physiotherapy course?
A: Those who want to be the future Dr. will sit for MBBS course (Translated as Medical Bachelor, Bachelor in surgery) and those who want physiotherapy simply register the physiotherapy course at UPU.
In jobscope perspective. Doctor is more advance because they can perform any surgery and prescribe medicine legally.

6.       Q: What’s your evidence for physiotherapy may help the Health Sciences student/ scholars?
A: Since you asked me this FAQ, here it is..
“There will be 77,400 new jobs for physical therapists during the decade from 2010 to 2020”.
I quoted as exactly like the way it is- Based on that shown link.
recitation by The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

7.       Q:Modality is optional? So why they invent a modality if the physiotherapy don’t need it on the 1st place?
A: That’s the idea. Actually, the modality does help and also making the treatment more effective in anyway.
But, what I want to say back there is:
There’s still plan B if there’s no modality around because skills are always the way.
And they learn it.
Hope you don’t take the point too literally next time.


By: Charlie Puth

It's been a long day without you my friend...
And I can tell you all about it when I see you again.
We've come a long way since where we began..
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again..
When I see you again.

Ohh.. ohh.. 

Yeah! Actually.
I miss my friend damn much- la.

Even just 5 1/2 months without them around.

Now. I want to advise you 'bout something important and precious.

Please: Live Your Ideas.
No one will..

Except yourselves.

Sometimes, when socializing with all the clique'; we'll try to impress them or (at least) to play with their mood.
We try to be someone that we're not...
Just to make sure no one is hurt.
And no one gonna be hated (especially- ourselves).

But, we forget 'bout one thing...
Which is our stand.

We let the flow to bring us wherever they wanted to go.
Without try to dive nor swim against it..
To reach to the other side.

Slowly.., we'll lose our genuine identity..
And live in someone's comfortable perception...
But not on our own.

I have think thoroughly 'bout this matter.
And this's my conclusion.

Why Do We Think Too Much About What They Might Think;   
When It Is Our Own Life We Live In?
If you have something in mind.
You have to do it.
The reason for why we do it all is to answer the 'BIG WHY' that is lingering in our head..
If we've a strong intention and motivation.
We'll do it till the end.

Don't think about them..
They only know on how to judge...
But you..
is the one to suffer the repercussion or to reap the rewards.

This's my reason to stand on my own voice.


Joie de Vivre 
Alhamdulillah I felt extremely happy and grateful for today.
The journey that I’m in is full of colours and I really enjoyed it.
I do realised that by writing down the experiences alone are not too entertaining to be contemplate.
On the other hand, by kept the picture alone- Bring too little details to be remembered.
So, I’ll mix these two and wanna see the impact..
For sure, more efficient, isn’t?

Juz- Go through to the important part- So the future me can appreciate the ‘real’ meaning for this experience article.
(And save my time as well).
Ijal, Atikah, Aina, Ayu, Aisyah Yunus, Firdaus, Izuan and myself went to many places today.

Rumah Cikgu Fadzilla…


Cikgu still remembered me as one of her student.
Simply juzt by looking at me, she was able to recognize me as well.
It such a good feeling to be appreciated by your respected teacher.

Honestly, I really miss that moment (where I was one of the student here).
The result of your hardworking leave a trace for your future- self.
We had a good moment and exchanged the latest news for both parties.
She said that she would retire on 2018 (where the January gonna be the last month of her on duty).
On the other hand, we proudly (conceptually speaking) told her that most of us already end up our diploma.
(Which means she was success to shaping our potential).

I really moved by how good Cikgu Fadzilla treated us.
She was happy (like always) and making us feel at home.
I really, really miss that moment to sit on my desk and racking my brain with all of the math problem.
(But, surely that will never happen).

She gave all of us RM5 as duit raya.
Alhamdulillah. Rezeki bulan syawal.

Raya Rumah Cikgu Kamarul...

Spoting wehh.. cikgu..., Hahaa

He was busy at the moment but still call us to come in.
Although, I only stayed wit him just for 3 months, but I dare to say that he was an excellent teacher.
(Wehh. Mane nak jumpe cikgu Bio yg ajar tanpa buku? He just write and draw everything on the white board and explain it through)- Everything was in his head.
Ask him anything- He would give the answer instantaneously.
All of his family members treat us at the hall and we also have a good conversation with her wife too.
She gonna pursue her study in PhD in the next 2, 3 years.

Wooow.. I keep wondering why the education liners keep learning and learning.
Don’t they feel boring with this study thing or (at least) satisfy with what they have in hand?
Maybe passion is the answer.
Yeah! I can see her passion right there.

Macam selalu.
We end up this raya session with selfie session instead.
This’s some of the sharing.

I love on how God has planned my life like the way it is.
So grateful that this life is full of marvellous people whom keep supporting and accept me well.

May next year.
Brings another precious moment for us.
Insha Allah.


It's been so long since the last article.
Happy Eid Al- Fitr I wish to all of you...

Today, I want to write about the challenge of an ex- convict.

Who's more cruel?

To be honest, rarely we seen nowadays that ex- convict can manage his life very well.

1. Whether he will return to the mud of his crime.
2. He'll struggle to build a new life but stumble halfway through due to the prejudice from the surrounding.

Now, I'll share a truth story 'bout an ex- convict that really close to me.
I'll tell you what I've learn and what we can do to change this viscous cycle of 'prejudice' that supposedly be changed by 'empathy'.



He is Mr. A.

He been released from the prison on May 2016.
Subjected to the crime of gold robbery.
Got 6 moths imprisonment and 2 stroke.

He has a wife and two daughter.
Whom juz 2 days of labor when he was arrested.
She had to depend completely to her mum (masa pantang) and had to work on shift- hour (till now).

Past history:
Had a bad reputation like Ah- long debt; and domestic abuse towards his old- wife.
2 times inhabited the prison at certain period (which I don't know exactly the duration).

But, superficially- I can say that he's really a good man who take a good care of his wife and love all of his daughter.
He has a really good social skills 'till we never thought that he has such (aforementioned) history.
Mix and hang around with us like has no problem at all.

And now.. 
We do know that he's an ex- convict.
Everyone around him treat him like a fifthly little man and the slightest mistake he did become so matter (Even when he won't visit his relative during diz hari raya).
People keep oppress him (and his family as well).
Every conversation is full of snide remarks that kill him from within.

Then, we keep repeating the same question,
Why he won't change?
It sounds like a joke to me.

Why not we give him time to adapt and gathered his own strength first?
Why we become so judgmental and put him at a bay?
Then, we asked- 

Why he won't change?

It sounds stupid when we keep questioning but not supporting.

Understand first, then you can judge...

Invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away- Megan Slagter

Cont... (The challenge of an ex- convict)- Solution
One of the greatest writers of short fiction in history named Anton Chekhov had said that, “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practise”.

But, most of the knowledge we learnt nowadays is not too reliable when it comes to the application/ practise. Can you mention some of the course offered at our university that emphasise more on the practise?

If you can’t.

I’ll help you out.

            The answer is Health Sciences course because they learn on how to prevent ones from illness- and what to do when ones really ill. From all of the branches of health sciences, physiotherapy is the better off due to the abundance of benefits LIKE work vacancy in local and overseas; based on the recitation by The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“There will be 77,400 new jobs for physical therapists during the decade from 2010 to 2020”.
            There’s no such free lunch- To know why physiotherapy is quite special, we have to starts on the framework of the course itself which is the subject. For your information, the bread and butter for this course are the anatomy and exercise therapy that taken from the 1st semester. They have to master this knowledge because it is the most basic for many sub- branches of subject dealing with 12 human body systems & 5 more specific age groups (neonates, infants, pediatrics, adults, geriatrics ) 
Besides, the specific prerequisite to pass the exam is C grade that range from 55 and above in the overall marks. Thus, the quality and their understanding certainly are undeniable.

            In addition, compared to medical lab technology or radiography- physiotherapy is the course of hand skill. Yes! Sometimes, they’ll use the latest technology such as Infra- red radiation, ultra sound or cryocuff but that’s just optional. They still able to operate when there’s no modalities around. The principle of bandaging, compression, soft tissue massage and importantly- exercise usually more than enough for most of them. If we traced 30 or 50 years back, most of the people called the physiotherapist BY ANOTHER NAME WHICH IS ‘tukang urut’ due to the massage technique frequently used by them and no particular machine like today’s era. Up to this moment, physiotherapist has been recruited to follow athlete in various sports and also leads in business sector of health care provider. Who said that you must be a therapist at hospital when you can be more?

            Last but not least, physiotherapy also known as physical therapy at certain notion at west as an appreciation for their ability to treat any disease regarding to the physical performance & impairment. As addition, they are given permission to prescribe medicine to the patient that only permissible just by the doctor & pharmacist before.

            In a nutshell, physiotherapy is the most reliable and beneficial course when it comes to career and application in daily life. Mostly, what they’ve learn are easily practise and also functional as  an add- up value to oneself. No doubt, physiotherapy is evolving in Malaysia and may give the brighter future for the Health Sciences scholars.

Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera kepada sidang pembaca sekalian.

Okay, harinie aku nak tulis berkenaan Gingival Recession (GR). 
Apakah yg dimasudkan dengan Gingival Recession?
Honestly speaking, aku pun tak pernah belajar istillah nie masa kuliah dulu- 

Tapi selepas bertanya pada Wikipedia; berikut adalah jawapan yg diberi:

Gingival recession, also known as receding gums, is the exposure in the roots of the teeth caused by a loss of gum tissue and/or retraction of the gingival margin from the crown of the teeth.[1] Gum recession is a common problem in adults over the age of 40, but it may also occur starting from the age of a teenager, or around the age of 10.

Ya. Plus- minus; Gingival Recession adalah jargon terms yg boleh diringkaskan sebagai kondisi dasar gigi yg terlihat disebabkan penipisan gusi.

So, salah satu dari sign & symptom adalah gigi kelihatan lebih panjang daripada biasa. 

Jap. Jap.. Kenapa tiba- tiba, aku menulis berkenaan Gingival Recession?

Bukan ke En. Wikipedia cakap yg penyakitnya mostly effect manusia yg berumur 40- tahun ke atas saje? 

Yes it is. 
But, it still happens bila kita salah teknik memberus gigi.
Ataupun 'terlebih memberus gigi'. 
Huaa!! Sedih tau. 

Perhatian! This's not mine.
Google punye!!

Aku mula syak yg aku 'menghidapi' penyakit nie bila perasan gigi kacip (frontier) ada gap antare kedua-nya. 
For the 1st impression, I thought that- salah guna berus gigi; and yet when I re- evaluate again & again- 
I realized more 'bout thiz.

Opps! Soorry. Okay. Biar aku cakap pasal info baru masuk cerita.


Sebab terjadi:
  • Overaggressive brushing,[1] which causes the enamel at the gum line to be worn away over time by scrubbing the sides of the teeth in a washboard fashion.
- Terlebih rajin memberus- Berus Terlebih kasar.

  • Hereditary thin, fragile or insufficient gingival tissue predisposes to gingival recession.
Genetically- Memang dari lahir; gigi anda sangat mudah rosak & tisu yg tidak kukuh/ cukup di sekitar gusi.

  • Excessive clenching and grinding of the teeth (bruxism) can sometimes worsen pre-existing periodontal disease. By itself, bruxism may cause a reversible increase in tooth mobility, but not any gingival recession.
  • Self-inflicted trauma, such as habits like digging a fingernail or pencil into the gum. This type of recession more commonly associated with children and persons with psychiatric disorders.
- Trauma (Impinged sebab terjatuh; terseret etc.)

- Kurang vitamin C

  • Abnormal tooth position, such as tooth crowding, giving inadequate cover of one or more teeth by the jaw bone.
- Kedudukan gigi yg tak betul.
Tanda- tanda (Sign & Symptoms):

  • Teeth may also appear longer than normal (a larger part of the crown is visible if gums are receding)
    (Gigi kelihatan lebih panjang)

  • The roots of the tooth are exposed and visible
    (Akar/ Bahagian bawah gigi kelihatan)

  • The tooth feels notched at the gum line
    (Terasa gigi sangat rapat dengan gusi)

  • Change in the tooth’s color
    (Gigi bertukar warna- Sebab struktur- Kalau tak gosok gigi [Special case] )

  • Spaces between teeth seem to grow (the space is the same, but it seems larger because the gums do not fill it any more)
    (Jarak antara gigi bertambah- Sebab gusi dah menipis di bahagian tersebut)

  • Treatment should start with addressing the problem(s) that caused the gum recession. If overactive brushing is the cause, the patient should consider purchasing a softer toothbrush and use a more gentle brushing technique.

- Rawatan bermula bila mengetahui apakah sebab kpd GR ini. Kalau sebab overbrushing- perlu beli berus gigi yg lebih lembut.

  • If malocclusion (incorrect bite) was a factor, an occlusal adjustment (bite adjustment) or bite splint may be recommended.

- Jika salah cara mengunyah; dicadangkan kunyah dengan cara yg betul (Jumpa Dr. dulu) ataupun- boleh pasang splint kalau sangat mendesak (Tak boleh bayang splint dekat gigi)..

Berita buruk untuk anda adalah:
  • If cause-specific measures are insufficient, soft-tissue graft surgery may be used to create more gingiva.[1] The tissue used may be autologous tissue from another site in the patient's mouth, or it can be freeze-dried tissue products or synthetic membranes.[1] New research is focused on using stem cells to culture the patients' own gums to replace receded 

- Kesan daripada GR ini adalah irreversible (Tak dapat kembali seperti asal);
Contohnya macam gigi depan yg tiba- tiba berjarak disebabkan GR- So gigi anda akan kekal sebegitu (Tiada gusi baru yg akan cover tempat yg telah recession tadi)
- Jika benar anda mahukan looks yg lebih elok atau selesa ketika makan (merapatkan semula jarak antara gigi)- HANYA OPERATION/ SURGERY sahaja langkah yg ada.

Sambung cerita....

....... Then, aku sangat positif bahawa aku telahpun terkena GR ini.
Perkara pertama yg aku lakukan adalah.
1) Redha dengan takdir ilahi..
- Gigi ada gap; makan pun kurang selasa.

2) Cari teknik memberus gigi yg betul;
Aku share sikit dekat sini:

3) Memberus gigi prior- to sleep
Untuk elakkan ada kuman/ bakteria yg merosakkannya.

4) Setting 2- minit durasi untuk memberus.
- Gunakan berus gigi super soft.
(Elektronik adalah jenis yg terbaik)
- Gunakan berus gigi yg berkepala kecil
- Kurangkan kuantiti ubat gigi yg digunakan kerana jumlah yg berlebihan akan menghakis.

5) Menyedari bahawa hygiene sangat penting & penjagaan kesihatan adalah 24/7.

Diharapkan dengan perkongsian ini, anda semua dapat lebih berjaga- jaga pada masa akan datang.
Insha Allah.

Kredit: Wikipedia

p/s: Sebaiknya rujuklah pakar dentist kerana GR ini ada beberapa standard ukuran tertentu untuk mensahihkannya.
Post ini sekadar peringatan kita bersama.

Kesan Geram Selepas Membaca GR.

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