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Joie de Vivre 
Alhamdulillah I felt extremely happy and grateful for today.
The journey that I’m in is full of colours and I really enjoyed it.
I do realised that by writing down the experiences alone are not too entertaining to be contemplate.
On the other hand, by kept the picture alone- Bring too little details to be remembered.
So, I’ll mix these two and wanna see the impact..
For sure, more efficient, isn’t?

Juz- Go through to the important part- So the future me can appreciate the ‘real’ meaning for this experience article.
(And save my time as well).
Ijal, Atikah, Aina, Ayu, Aisyah Yunus, Firdaus, Izuan and myself went to many places today.

Rumah Cikgu Fadzilla…


Cikgu still remembered me as one of her student.
Simply juzt by looking at me, she was able to recognize me as well.
It such a good feeling to be appreciated by your respected teacher.

Honestly, I really miss that moment (where I was one of the student here).
The result of your hardworking leave a trace for your future- self.
We had a good moment and exchanged the latest news for both parties.
She said that she would retire on 2018 (where the January gonna be the last month of her on duty).
On the other hand, we proudly (conceptually speaking) told her that most of us already end up our diploma.
(Which means she was success to shaping our potential).

I really moved by how good Cikgu Fadzilla treated us.
She was happy (like always) and making us feel at home.
I really, really miss that moment to sit on my desk and racking my brain with all of the math problem.
(But, surely that will never happen).

She gave all of us RM5 as duit raya.
Alhamdulillah. Rezeki bulan syawal.

Raya Rumah Cikgu Kamarul...

Spoting wehh.. cikgu..., Hahaa

He was busy at the moment but still call us to come in.
Although, I only stayed wit him just for 3 months, but I dare to say that he was an excellent teacher.
(Wehh. Mane nak jumpe cikgu Bio yg ajar tanpa buku? He just write and draw everything on the white board and explain it through)- Everything was in his head.
Ask him anything- He would give the answer instantaneously.
All of his family members treat us at the hall and we also have a good conversation with her wife too.
She gonna pursue her study in PhD in the next 2, 3 years.

Wooow.. I keep wondering why the education liners keep learning and learning.
Don’t they feel boring with this study thing or (at least) satisfy with what they have in hand?
Maybe passion is the answer.
Yeah! I can see her passion right there.

Macam selalu.
We end up this raya session with selfie session instead.
This’s some of the sharing.

I love on how God has planned my life like the way it is.
So grateful that this life is full of marvellous people whom keep supporting and accept me well.

May next year.
Brings another precious moment for us.
Insha Allah.


It's been so long since the last article.
Happy Eid Al- Fitr I wish to all of you...

Today, I want to write about the challenge of an ex- convict.

Who's more cruel?

To be honest, rarely we seen nowadays that ex- convict can manage his life very well.

1. Whether he will return to the mud of his crime.
2. He'll struggle to build a new life but stumble halfway through due to the prejudice from the surrounding.

Now, I'll share a truth story 'bout an ex- convict that really close to me.
I'll tell you what I've learn and what we can do to change this viscous cycle of 'prejudice' that supposedly be changed by 'empathy'.



He is Mr. A.

He been released from the prison on May 2016.
Subjected to the crime of gold robbery.
Got 6 moths imprisonment and 2 stroke.

He has a wife and two daughter.
Whom juz 2 days of labor when he was arrested.
She had to depend completely to her mum (masa pantang) and had to work on shift- hour (till now).

Past history:
Had a bad reputation like Ah- long debt; and domestic abuse towards his old- wife.
2 times inhabited the prison at certain period (which I don't know exactly the duration).

But, superficially- I can say that he's really a good man who take a good care of his wife and love all of his daughter.
He has a really good social skills 'till we never thought that he has such (aforementioned) history.
Mix and hang around with us like has no problem at all.

And now.. 
We do know that he's an ex- convict.
Everyone around him treat him like a fifthly little man and the slightest mistake he did become so matter (Even when he won't visit his relative during diz hari raya).
People keep oppress him (and his family as well).
Every conversation is full of snide remarks that kill him from within.

Then, we keep repeating the same question,
Why he won't change?
It sounds like a joke to me.

Why not we give him time to adapt and gathered his own strength first?
Why we become so judgmental and put him at a bay?
Then, we asked- 

Why he won't change?

It sounds stupid when we keep questioning but not supporting.

Understand first, then you can judge...

Invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away- Megan Slagter

Cont... (The challenge of an ex- convict)- Solution
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