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I just read a book with a controversial titled : ‘Aku Kafir, Kau Siapa? (Jangan Jawab)’ .
One of the uniqueness of this masterpiece was that the writer was a Chinese Malaysian.

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Dubook Press

He wrote most of the things I wanna know on what our minority group felt about Malaysia.
Yeah! And as what I have expected, they fully unsatisfied with our quota system where prioritize Bumiputera legally in most life – changing policy.
He could write most of his ideas with crystal clear explanation with using simple and layman’s terms. He could persuade me to (almost) believe in what he had wrote in his book.

How he did it?
I do think that he actually write his book based on his life’s experience. So, he write based from what he have observed from his surrounding and extracts the main lessons to be implemented to other occurrence of life.

This is what we called as reading between the lines.
Where the only (mundane) person like us see is indeed a straight line. They capable to see beyond that and achieve more value above the same events.
That is why we have to experience the event itself with the best interest at heart. We must experience it with honest desire to learn from it. Thus, we shouldn’t care to sacrifice and feel the uncomforted touch of the real life!

If we want to see it like what most of them could see.
We have to experience it like what most of them had faced it all.
Exp: When you feel the difficulty of working part time and studying at the very same time. You have to proceed with it; to really learn the ‘truth lesson’ and value from that experience.

We have that courage and ability.
Be an active in nature and learn more with life.
Growth your potential.

#I think it is impossible to see the unsees if we don’t experience the deepest lesson ........... #

*I'll elaborate more on (so called) Bumiputera's rights (?)*
Note: I don't ask you to read this but if you wanna read and judge me because of what I write down here. It is up to you.
You only see what I wanted you to see anyway.

My only intention is to portray a life of a normal person who has lot of challenges to endure- and his journey to know who he really is and be who he wanna be and suppose to be.

Now, we start...
One of the many traits that can make a person success in life is their good attitude. And unfortunately, my problem with attitude becoming more and more worse from one day to another.

I planned to study since yesterday at 9 p.m but was interrupted by sudden request from Alimin who asked me to accompany him with dinner.
Then, when I went to my room, I straightly lie on my bed and playing my phone till fell asleep.

Today, more or less, the same circumstances are repeating again.
I cannot restrict myself from doing things that I shouldn't.
At the verge of watching some funny You Tube videos, suddenly I got a call from an anonymous.

She asked me about what I'm doing right now and how's my life?
She introduced herself as Kak Yati and suddenly, the image of good looking & professional woman from my past event with Faskes cropping up.

Yeah. I remember her.
She was the one who praised me a lot and also told me that I had the sanguine type of personality.
She approached me very well and I (kind of) persuaded to join her with her Prudential insurance program.
Luckily, I got lot of commitments to deal with especially on our Student Representative Council thing.
So, I decided next time (maybe) gonna worth the time.

I have to admit that I wanna start my own business since I hate the concept of 'makan gaji' or simply working for government.

We cannot improve a lot if we depend too much to the government.

Yeah. Maybe it is beneficial to give us such sustain and stable income.
No doubt on that, but you cannot go far.

You only capable to survive but either you give a hardwork or you not work at all, it gives no difference.

I don't bother to strive a bit if I really know the rewards i'm gonna reap.

It is a matter of time.
Now or never.

*People like to judge but only I know who I am as a whole.
You only see what I wanted you to see.
So that was what I told myself and get the courage till decided to share some of my life fragments in this blog.

Look between the lines.
Read between the words.
The most important things are left unsaid and unheard.
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