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Living in the hectic life and keep doing things without questioning may lead us to boredom and burn- out.
I think, that's what happening to me right now.

I was caught in a training of ROTU almost every weekend and didn't have an adequate time with myself.
I was caught in 'kejar- kejar' situation and somehow, it makes me loss my motivation and reason to move forward.

I didn't mean to say that by participate in ROTU, you'll lose a precious time at the weekend OR your life will be chaos.
It is me- Who was too busy to re- arranged my schedule and prioritize what is important.

I always think that I should keep my madness to myself- And now- I can't.
No More.

What Introvert Person Need The Most?

To be honest, I'm not an introvert kind. But, I (usually) like to be alone when I'm frustrated and suffocated with life and my surrounding. I try my very best to not tell anyone about what I afraid of nor what I really feel on something.

That's working but won't last long.

History teaches us that human is a social culture.
We've to communicate to express our feeling...
We've to release our anger, stress and frustration to someone we believe and (we know) can keep our secret.
It is okay to be seen as weak; by your best- friend.

But, so called best friend is hard to find.

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W. H Auden

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