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The purpose in life is not to win. The purpose in life is to grow and to share. When you come to look back on all that you have done in life, you will get more satisfaction from the pleasure you have brought into other people's lives than you will from the times that you outdid and defeated them.

 Harold Samuel Kushner -

Hi guys.
I think I wanna share my view on :

Why do most girls from western countries wear revealing clothes compared to the girls from eastern countries?

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Tbh, I don't agree 100% on some part of this evolution theory (because clearly, I'm a theist).
Even, we can't wear such a revealing clothes because it can lead to the exploitation of woman and also contribute to the crime involving sexual abuse.

On the other hand, by asking woman to wear appropriately (based on the eastern standard) may invite more dislike from westerns' and woman movement alike. 

So, man also has to play his part.
We need to lower our gaze and respect and love woman as who they are (doesn't matter on what she wears and what her religion is).

Spurt your thought on a piece of paper but the only things remained are the heartbroken, vengeance and revenge.

We wanna express ourselves but we confine it in a wall we built from our ego, hatred and self- judgement.

We want the whole world to hear us.
But we afraid of the judgement that they gonna give.

Though we know it, we hear it or we see it.
We know none if it, we heard nothing on it nor see a thing related to it.

And yet, we still afraid of it.
Happy Eidul Fitr to all my Muslim friends. I beg your forgiveness if I had done any mistakes or irritate you with my posts etc.
Today I wanna share about social media perspective.

To be frank. I'm not too attached to the so called Facebook, Instagram, We Chat, Twitter and Snap Chat. I only used them to scroll for the news feed and share things. But, I (kind of) annoying to see people posts every single things happened in their life, even the mundane or so normal one, like what they eat today or posting something so imbecile like their friend's nasal!

Yesterday, I told this to my sister (who fortuitously is an avid Instagram user and keep posting her pictures daily).

"Sis, you know what, I have this feeling of annoyed to see somebody post every single things in social media. It seems like they seek attention and  don't socialize enough in their real life"

Then,she suddenly change her look from her phone to me- Directly to my eyes and said:

" You know what, people posts things in Instagram because they want to keep that moment alive. They want to record their journey and share them with others. What do you think huh?! Don't straightly jump to conclusion. If you loathed all that, just unfollow and stop complaining! "

I'm flabbergasted and dumbfounded at the very same time.
Yup. Though she looked like wasting her time, but she might doing something beneficial.
This notion also shared by the famous actress who want to keep the moment for their child, so that he (the child) knows that there's many people love him:
They called this account as The Yusuf Iskandar.
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When we shade some light on this issue, we can conclude that:

1. Stop being self- centered: We cannot label everything with the same label.
For instance, when we see someone's stealing goods, we shouldn't judge them as bad people straight away. They may live in poor and stealing is the last choice for them. (Which still a wrongdoing but we must hate the action but not the people who did it, we must sympathize them and try to understand them first).

2. When you loath something try to understand, why you feel that way.
Is it based from your experience, mindset or your bad circle? When we hate they posted things in Instagram, question ourself, is it because we jealous about their life?
If that's the answer. We have to motivate and educate ourself that they only post the good side of their life and the part they wanted us to see. They still 
have gloomy and unhappy day, but they kept it to themselves. What we see is apparent only.

3. There's always boundaries.
Whatever the reason, we have to realize that we have our own limit. Don't post every single things in social media because we might show to the world of who we really are. Our captions and picture are reflecting our way of thinking and attitude. People may use it against us one day.

Constant vigilance- Mad Eyes Moody.

Life ain’t Real

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We live in a world where we only see the apparent sight..
… & don’t know much on the other side..
..of the story.

This world is full of people who keep lying to themselves
… and pretend to be somebody else just to get the attention of others.
Woman wears a lot of make up to make sure man sees them as gorgeous.
Man try very best to keep up to date with the trend..
..So that, they could sustain the ‘dominant vibe’ around.

It ain’t wrong.
Our world works that way.

The only problem is us.
Who easily trapped in the paradox of life.
Who couldn’t distinguish the reality of apparent and the truth!

The first..
Is the perfect figure in the eyes of the beholder.
But may torture and coarse the believer.

The latter is all- rounded.
The result of deep thinking and contemplation.
The focus angles that came from diverge branches.
Conclude far greatest conclusion.

So not all seeing is believing
Am I right?
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