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People Are Becoming More Materialistic

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Greeting to all..

As you know, I'll sit for my MUET Examination this saturday, so I try to make an essay about "People Are Becoming More Materialistic".
If you find any mistakes including grammar or whatsoever, please correct it in the comment section.
Give me how many starts that I should get (Total 5 starts).
Thus, I can improve my style of writing.


"People are becoming more materialistic. They are concerned with making more money and what money can buy. "What is your opinion on being materialistic? You should write at least 350 words.

In a demographic nowadays, we can see many people becoming more materialistic & live their life like money is everything. Some of them says that cash is the king; when you have money, you can conquer the world. Is it true? Did material can give us the truth satisfactory in life?

     When we try to make contemplation & compare today's society with the 90's century community. We'll realise that actually, our people have a crisis of misconception of happiness. Many of them are being persuaded by the hedonism culture from the West. Based on them, your life satisfaction are the priority where you should spent whatever you have to go to the club, drink alcohol or at some extent, taking the Marijuana to reach the peak of euphoria. That's why they keep repeating the same loop which is to make money and spent it to enjoyment.

     Besides, the ads on television also playing a role to shape our people to be more materialistic. If we look scropulously, we'll realise that all of the ads educate our people to be updated by changing their gadget's model to the latest one, albeit it is in a good condition. They try to manipulate people's mindset by spent as many as they can to fulfil this unrelavant dogma. As a result, their cash keep flowing out & they achieve higher quantity of material but no quality of life.

     Malala Yousafzai, one of the young activist of education at Pakistan has said that, " Education is the building block of people's success, if they gain education, they afford to change their life". Unfortunately, we can't deny many Malaysian (Malay especially) really lack of education in financial strategy. They'll spend really hard to almost everything they capable until nothing left for themselves. Whether we realised it or not, this kind of paradigma leads our people astray. They already been categorized as materialistic based on the fact that they possessed too many things that not necessary.

     Last but not least, the plastic money trend makes the circumstance become more worse than before. This point of view really correlate with the previous explanation regarding to education. The plastic money or credit card really potential to train people to be more wise but also materialistic at the same time. For those, who really love to go shopping here and there, their habit of loving thing'll be more chronic and cancerous. This occurs because the principle of plastic money is, "Buy first, pay later". So, when only material can be seen, they'll purchase everything.

     In a nutshell, we must realise that the truth concept of life is to spent a quality time with family & contribute for community. Material is the way to achieve it and not the other way round.

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