Amin Naizar's

Life ain’t Real

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We live in a world where we only see the apparent sight..
… & don’t know much on the other side..
..of the story.

This world is full of people who keep lying to themselves
… and pretend to be somebody else just to get the attention of others.
Woman wears a lot of make up to make sure man sees them as gorgeous.
Man try very best to keep up to date with the trend..
..So that, they could sustain the ‘dominant vibe’ around.

It ain’t wrong.
Our world works that way.

The only problem is us.
Who easily trapped in the paradox of life.
Who couldn’t distinguish the reality of apparent and the truth!

The first..
Is the perfect figure in the eyes of the beholder.
But may torture and coarse the believer.

The latter is all- rounded.
The result of deep thinking and contemplation.
The focus angles that came from diverge branches.
Conclude far greatest conclusion.

So not all seeing is believing
Am I right?
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