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Actually one of the reason for why I like to write a lot is because; I do think that my ideas and emotions can be convey clearly through writing compared to verbal or oral expression.
This might be true and might be not.

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And this leads me to another question about principle.
What is the principle the we hold onto, so that we not gonna fall in the future?
Are we still believe this life as the way it is when what we perceived as truth is not a truth anymore.

So called life has so many chapters and factors that affect it as a whole.

Let me give you an example:

I'm someone who believe that working hard is the key to success
Then, suddenly I realized that my roommate always watching movies and playing videos games.
I never saw him study or touch a book; more than an hour.

Lastly, he got better result compared to mine.

If you're in that kind of situation- What would you do?
Do you still believe that working hard is the key to success?

When your friend who is working- less still able to achieve his goal?

Yup! It happens to me a lot.
What we read in a book, never gonna be the same as what we experience in the real life.
There's always one or two things that are not exactly the same.

As time goes by, we learn one new lesson whether...
1) Try to be flexible in life
2) Stick with the same principle because there's always 'special cases'

This's why we have too many ideologies in this world, ranging from communism, capitalism for economy; Confucianism, Taoism, Protestent, syia', Sunni for religion and as far as monotheism or polytheism to describe the existence of god!

If we think this thoroughly, we'll be crazy....
It's because they're no equal between one another.

Till many of them use up the quotation:
' Nothing is wrong in this world- it is a matter of perspective'

Quite truth somehow but what will happen then?
If everyone really believe to "Nothing is wrong but perspective is right"?
Not everyone has the same definition of what is right....

I'm still searching for the answer.
But on the time being, I believe this's why God has guided us with His manual which are..

1) Al Quran/ Holy Quran
2) Sunnah & Hadith (Guidance from our prophet- Muhammad pbuh)

It doesn't matter in what you believe in..
But what's matter is you have the belief..

Because someone who has no principle gonna be blown away by the wave of ideology....
To somewhere he never ever imagined.
But he, himself not wanted to be there...
From the very 1st place.

Last week, I was caught in depression without any clear reasons.
I easily got annoyed almost to every single things that happen to the surrounding, although it was a simple matter.

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Circadian Cycle Also Affecting Our Flip- Flopping Hormones Level

I keep wondering 'why?'; and asking myself again and again.
Till I read this wonderful article:

Cited from The Star ( 2016 December 12th): 5 common causes of depression.

.. Insomnia- triggered depression ( My summary):

Many mental health professional are unsure whether the lack of sleep is the cause of depression or vice versa. But WebMD states that people with insomnia are three times likely to suffer depression than those with normal sleep pattern.
Yeah! This verse answered all of my questions.
I never imagined that by waking up as early as 05:30 a.m will affect my mood in the long run.
Maybe I should go to sleep more early so that my circadian rhythm will turn out normal again.

Hmm.. I have to admit that my sleep- waking pattern was disrupted lately due to my inefficiency in prioritizing what shall and what shan't I do in a day.

That's why they said: "You can learn everything; if you pay attention"
Yup. Indeed! I agree. 
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