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Harini nak cerita berkenaan lawak.
Bukan lawak kampus ataupun Skool Of Lawak (Hahaa..ha); tapi lawak yg sedang bercambah dekat Malaysia sekarang.

Maklumlah ramai sangat nak jadi artis.

Manusia confuse yg mana benar dan mana yg salah kerana kedua- duanya mempunyai rupa yg sama:
(Hmm.. or should I say, tak proper- la ; sometimes berkait dengan etiquette sebenarnya..) 

Cuba tonton 2 video ni...
& buatlah perbandingan..

Mat Luthfi: Aku Nak Kahwin

Zukieee & Jamal Tetsu- Nak Kahwin Tak Cukup Hantaran?

Ya! Unsurnya sama- Lawak tapi bezanya adalah lawak hambar & lawak 'educated' atau orang panggil lawak berisi.
Dan nowadays, kita selalu sangat disuakan dengan lawak- lawak hambar sebegini sama ada dalam Vines, Super Spontan, MLM ataupun se simple We- Chat.
Kadang- kadang kita kesian dekat mereka sebab macam perbodohkan diri sendiri.


Walaupun keduanya membawa tema lawak; kita boleh klasifikasi kepada 3 bahagian/ jenis:

1. Clown: badut- Lawak mereka memang lawak tapi kosong dari segi isi dan hanya boleh buat kita ketawa sekali 2 saja. Then, kita rasa jengkil.., irritating (Macam cerita Mr. Bean)

2. Funny People- Macam Mat Luthfi ataupun Nabil ataupun Harith Iskandar- Lawak yg dibawa ada unsur mesej dan sarkastik.
Kita dapat mencerna maksud dan juga entertain at the very same time.

3. Budak vine; parody: Bukan nak kate, tapi kalau mempermainkan orang tu boleh dikira lawak ke?
Cuba orang permainkan kau.. 

        I.            Based on Anton Chekhov as one of the famous short- fiction writer in history had said that:

Image result for anton chekhov quotes
"Knowledge Is Of No Value Unless You Put It Into Practise"

Assalamualaikum w.t.h & a very good morning I bid to all of you..

I dare to say- our course here, Science Geomatics  has a balance approached between the theory (class) & practical.
But, no one can deny that not all of the knowledge we learn or what have learnt (For example:- Additional Mathematics) are really relevant & applicable to be practiced at instance in the real life setting.
But, besides of this faculty, can you mention another course offered at UiTM that emphasise more on the practise?
I believe, there’re variety of answers &
… certainly neither opinion are wrong because it is upon your background & life experiences.
You have your own words for why you say so…
But personally to me..
      II.            The answer is Health Sciences course because they learn on how to prevent ones from illness & what to do when ones really ill PLUS the precaution to be take so the predicament didn’t happen again..

Which works like a loop of repeated cycle...

 From all of the branches of Health Sciences, physiotherapy is better off- compared to others.
1.       It is based on the fact that physiotherapy is a course of hand skills. Where they didn’t depend on modalities like what Radiographer always did.
For your information, the basic needs for them is knowledge of exercises & skills in manipulation technique like massage or stretching manoeuvre.

Yes! You may heard that they may use ‘some’ modalities or adjunct like ultrasound or infra- red radiation. But honestly speaking, that’s just optional.

Keep Calm! & Do Physio.. :

2.       Besides, physiotherapy always dealing with daily routine- related problems which most people nowadays frequently complained of:-
such as back pain, migraine, or cramp!
Which clearly beneficial even when ones doesn’t work as physiotherapy ‘as long as they master the skills & knowledge’

-          Applicable in anytime & anywhere-

Don't get it wrong guys! He's treating patient's with vestibular disorder.
With that, I hope this short but concise presentation may be an eye opener for all of us regarding to another course outside there.

I want to make it clear that I’m not insulting any faculty nor anyone but have a good intention at heart to share my view within this topic.

Thankz guys for listening.

Open up Q & A session:

1.       Q: So., you just tell us about this physio.. physiotherapy things.
What is the range of age they usually treat. I mean..
Yeah! Not all ages, right? How about children.
A: Ahaa.. Such a good thinking there. Thankz for asking.
Let me tells you.
The answer is all kind of ages, include the 90 years old even the day-1 of birth.
They’ll teach the carer (penjaga) instead.

2.       Q: Based on my knowledge, Health Sciences student usually work at the hospital when they’re employed. So, can you tell us another place that physio may exist.
A: Tq for question..
-          IJN, for cardiac cases
-          Physio centre for sure
-          ISN for sport
-          Gymnasium
-          Saloon
-          Rehabilitation centre
-          Locum (Upon patient or customer request).

3.       Q: Nice answer. So, what is the fee per service. Sorry. I mean, the charges impose for the Locum which is upon patient request for home- visit treatment.
A: It is worth it, though.
They can get at least RM50 per hour, or RM70, or RM 80 depends on qualification and experiences.
-          Even, they can gain some commission from the of 3rd party  company such as being an agent  of crutches (tongkat) for those who has fractured his leg.
Usually, the home visit is for the stroke patient.

4.       Q: If physio is better- off, why it is not famous like Dr. and nurse?
A: Logically, the greater the quantity, the greater the people know about it, isn’t?
I mean- Yeah! You just go to the hospital and ask your ‘pakcik’. Surely they’ll say that each and everyone who wears the white coat is a doctor.
So, at hospital- Mostly, they will know only the Mr. Doctor and Madam Nurse. For sure.
Physio, dietician who wear the same attires but different ID is recognize as doctor as well.
Honest speaking, mate.

5.       Q: What is the difference between Dr. & this physiotherapy course?
A: Those who want to be the future Dr. will sit for MBBS course (Translated as Medical Bachelor, Bachelor in surgery) and those who want physiotherapy simply register the physiotherapy course at UPU.
In jobscope perspective. Doctor is more advance because they can perform any surgery and prescribe medicine legally.

6.       Q: What’s your evidence for physiotherapy may help the Health Sciences student/ scholars?
A: Since you asked me this FAQ, here it is..
“There will be 77,400 new jobs for physical therapists during the decade from 2010 to 2020”.
I quoted as exactly like the way it is- Based on that shown link.
recitation by The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

7.       Q:Modality is optional? So why they invent a modality if the physiotherapy don’t need it on the 1st place?
A: That’s the idea. Actually, the modality does help and also making the treatment more effective in anyway.
But, what I want to say back there is:
There’s still plan B if there’s no modality around because skills are always the way.
And they learn it.
Hope you don’t take the point too literally next time.

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