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Jika korang tanya dekat aku, whether aku nie skema ataupun tak.
I don't know myself. What should I answer for it.
I'm trying to make my blog more easy to understand by the audience but it's make them run away due to the monotonous?

Maybe I'm using the wrong approach for my target audience.
But, it doesn't a matter anymore.
The contents'll be the most crucial part and just abandoned about the presentation.
Just in case, you hate my 'skematic' article.

This's my journal.
Just now, I watched the documentary about our second and 4th Prime ministers.
All of their efforts and struggle to win the PM post. Then, how they endure all of the obstacles and vengeance, back biting from the people and opposition party.
Really inspiring me- For sure.

1995- present

So, let's take Tun Abd Razak as one of the intro- subject of our discussion.
He's the backbone for Tunku Abdul Rahman to implement all of his aspiration and vision to this nation.
But still, politics totally another thing for us- ' the marhain' to question of.
Tunku had been subjected to resign by the post graduated medical student from Singapore: Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.
He was nobody at that particular time. But, he's known as 'Bapa Permodenan' after holding about 22 years as our prime minister.

Tun Dr. Mahathir seek a good advantage of his friendship with Tun Abd. Razak.
After been expel from UMNO due to his controversial letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman, he entered the party again by the help of the second prime minister.
His career expanding drastically. After won at the General Election at Alor Setar.
He'd managed to be the Ministry of Education shortly after it.
Then been deputy of prime minister and lastly prime minister of Malaysia.

The tribulation he has endure is not something for us- To take for granted.
Not an easy journey from the medical background student to be charges as the prime minister.
But still, he does it very, very well.
The perseverance and intelligence ideas really intertwined for his success as Malaysian role model.

Malaysia Boleh slogan really correlate with his persona and ferocious comment to the global.
He practicing what he preach- albeit not as a prime minister anymore.

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In Office: 1981-2003

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