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You Can Learn Something Every Day If You Pay Attention

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Halo Guys!
It's already 0323 and I'm not sleeping yet.
What I'm doing right now?

Actually, I just finished The Need For Speed Underground 2 Game.
Yeah! I know, NFS2? Underground?
It's kind of all school and classic. However I always playing it during my leisure time because NFS never makes me disappointed (^,^)
( You know- When it comes to cheat code bla.., bla., bla..,)

NFS- Underground

So, while I want to end all of those races. Suddenly, my lecturer's advice been whispered to my ear- By my subconscious mind.

"You're not born to be wasted and futile. But, you're here for mission and aspiration that been set by yourselves.
Believe me! Your intention is the prerequisite for you to get to know something new and fresh everyday"

So, after search at Google- This quote looks great..

Ray Le Blond

Besides gain victory, I managed to extract on more value from NFS:

Always Use GPS to your destination- It makes carrier easy to be completed and really assist you toward goals other purposes.

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